by Fr. Jeff

She loved. She prayed. She worked.

Now it was our turn.

The shovels were purchased for the occasion. The family stood around the grave as they lowered her casket into the ground.

We loved.

We passed around a phone so everyone could read Pope Francis’ tweet:

Jesus is our hope.  Nothing – not even evil or death – is able to separate us from the saving power of his love. –@Pontifex

We prayed.

Everyone took a turn breaking in the shovels.

We worked.

When Paw-Paw died, they toasted to his life.

Dad pulled out a brown paper bag. I could see the black top.

He had saved the bottle for 23 years.

Cups were passed around. The time had come.

We were standing around her grave. We honored her love. We honored her prayer. We honored her work.

With arms reaching into the sky, we gave tribute to Melia Starkovich: