We loved our right to life

by Fr. Jeff

“I challenged them to be convicted in their faith,” the pastor told me over supper. “If you believe what the Church teaches, then change your schedules; come, express and grow in the faith that you profess.” He was explaining to me what he preached about at the Masses this weekend in the parish.

That explains it.

When I walked into the church at 4:15pm, I was surprised at the number of people. “The church is nearly half full!” I thought to myself as I walked in. I began to prepare for our hour of prayer: corporal, monstrance, candles, stole, humeral veil. On this, the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we gathered as a parish to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

As everyone prayed the rosary, I sat in the back of the church. The congregation was diverse: young, old, high school, college, retired, newly wed. Some were visiting, most were from the parish.

For one hour, we prayed. “Dear God, change our hearts that we might know the dignity of human life.”

From my position in the pew, I was inspired. Many people from many walks of life. We were united in one reality:

we loved our right to life.