We are never boring

by Fr. Jeff

He was telling us about his experience of prayer at Faith Camp. As an 8th grader, it was his second time to attend the weeklong program and he enjoyed it much more this summer than last.

“Everyone was there praying together. And it wasn’t boring prayer!”

I know that he didn’t intend his comment to be funny but I chuckled a bit. It was something that I could relate with. When my spiritual life began, I only knew how to say the prayers out of the little black book that I received for First Communion. It seemed so repetitive–-the same thing over and over again. I often wondered if You were there at all because it was boring.

At least to me.

Even as a priest, some of those temptations still surround prayer. Is it worth it? Should I spend my time with You? But deep down, I know the question is bigger:

Is prayer boring because I am boring?

As we grow, we discover the reality of prayer. We do learn about ourselves. But more importantly, we learn about You and Your desire to answer that burning question.

You listen every time that we pray because You want us to know that

we are never boring.