Waiting for the parousia

by Fr. Jeff

“We’ll have someone out between 10am and 12pm.” It was the cable company’s usual drill.

I wanted to be sure I would be around because I had to work with the technician on the parish’s service order. However, I had to be in the church for 11:30am.

The waiting began.

10:00am – Way too optimistic

10:30am – I doubt it.

11:00am – I’m not counting on it.

11:15am – I really need to go into the church soon.

11:30am – Time to go!

12:05pm – Mass starts.

12:35pm – Mass is over.

12:45pm – Text message from Fr. Mac: Man from cable company said he would meet you after Mass.

1:00pm – Nope. I should call them: “Your appointment has been rescheduled and someone will be there between the hours of 3pm and 5pm.”

Oh no, not again. I just won’t expect anyone until 5pm.

3:00pm – Didn’t think so

3:30pm – Yeah, 5:00pm would be about right.

4:00pm – Doorbell rings unexpectedly. “Perfect!”

6:00pm – Finished up everything in time to go teach Confirmation.


I spent much of the day waiting on the cable guy. However, I didn’t waste all that time since I had plenty of things to be doing. I used it to work in my office. But looking back, I see a small instance of Your grace:

Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour. –Matthew 25:13

I wouldn’t have guessed that waiting on the cable guy is like

waiting for the parousia.