Vocation: Found

by Fr. Jeff

The celebration of the sacraments is always a joy, especially for a new priest. This evening, I found a greater-than-usual amount of it in the celebration of marriage. I had the joy of preaching at a close friend’s wedding.

It was a chance to share the riches of friendship and to reflect on the many blessings that God had bestowed on them in their new lives together. Standing with them on the altar as they profess their love for one another provides the priest with a a great vantage point from which to witness love.

Tonight, I was struck by his witness. Before we walked down the aisle, the bridegroom shed a few tears in the foyer. It was clear that this meant the world to him.Β He was filled with joy. He was giving his life completely to her. It was the gift of complete self-donation.

Watching him, You showed me the truth:

This is how Christ must feel about the Church.

This was his purpose.
This was his calling.

Vocation: found.