Transfiguration of Sin

by Fr. Jeff

As I walked out the gate, I found myself uttering a simple prayer:

Send me Your people in Confession so that You can transfigure their sins.

I was headed to the church for Mass and I had been reflecting on the beauty of the Transfiguration.

I stopped in the last pew for a while before I headed into the door behind me. As I entered the confessional, I uttered the same prayer again.

At 5pm the first person walked in. Afterwards, another followed. Then another.

I really thought Mass was going to begin late.

Somehow, I found myself surprised. I prayed; You listened.

I guess You wanted this feast to be real.

Today, we celebrate the Transfiguration. You revealed Your glory to the apostles to strengthen them for the arrival of the Cross.

That’s what I wanted for Your people: to strengthen them in their trials so that they know the power of Your mercy. I wanted them to experience the

transfiguration of sin.