Traffic jam of charity

by Fr. Jeff

I was driving to Truth Poured Out and praying for our new pope. I’ve been spellbound by his humility and his example.

As I pulled onto the interstate, I noticed I was following an unmarked vehicle from the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department. The black suburban has external lights and is easily identifiable as law enforcement. He merged and set his cruise control at the speed limit.

I followed him.

About 3 minutes into our trip, I began to watch with amusement. I could see people coming up quickly in the left lane in my mirror, but they slowed down as soon as they noticed the black suburban with the lights. During the 40+ mile trip to Lake Charles, no one dared to go faster than that black suburban; they simply fell in line behind him when they noticed the speed he was driving. By the time we arrived, we had a line of traffic in both lanes that stretched behind us for as far as my mirrors let me see.

I chuckled most of the way as I prayed for the new pope.

Then You reminded me:

Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses. –Paul VI

You have given the world Francis, and he has shown us that he wishes to lead by example. Already, some believe that we are in the third phase of a beautiful trilogy: John Paul II taught us hope, Benedict XVI strengthened our faith, and Francis will show us to how love.

Make him a modern witness to Your love. As we followed the deputy because of his obedience, may we follow Francis in the law of love. May his obedience to love inspire those on the road to heaven to follow him in a

traffic jam of charity.