The Small Things

by Fr. Jeff

At the basketball game, her son was doing very well. He had made several layups, caught a number of rebounds, and picked up a couple of steals. With motherly excitement, her words caught my ear,

He’s doing very well. It gives him better confidence, and he plays better.

Life as a new priest–it’s a whirlwind to give one’s self to Christ in service of his Church. This life is beautiful. It’s exciting. It’s ultimately fulfilling. Each and every day is filled with a new adventure, a new revelation of God’s love for both me and his people. Each day is a call to service, a call to give my life in some way or another.

At the end of the day, as we sit and visit, I ask You the question, “How well am I playing?” I take it as an opportunity to reflect on the past and improve for the future. And each day, you show me the answer.

Today, as I entered the office to check my mail, I was met by his brother. With a genuine smile he offered me sincere gratitude. “Father, I want to thank you for coming to the hospital Saturday night.” After a short conversation, You threw in your answer for today,

It’s as if you’ve been doing this for 20 years.

Of course, I’m no Robert Parish. It’s only been 5 months since this game commenced. Each rite is celebrated with my nose to the book. But in each Celebration, my heart is set on You. Like a little child, I ask you questions. And each day, You patiently give me the answer.

It always comes in small things. I know that most people are never aware that You are working through them at that moment. Today, it was a mother cheering on her son at his basketball game and a man complimenting his new parish priest very briefly. But that’s how you operate, isn’t it?

In the small things.