The most valuable Tupperware in the universe

by Fr. Jeff

It was my turn to say Mass at the new nursing home. I grabbed the Mass kit, checked to make sure it had enough wine and hosts, and left for the home.

I was happy to find that a large number of residents were feeling well enough to pray with us. I greeted everyone and headed for the table that serves as our temporary altar.

Placing the Mass kit on the table, I began to unpack it. Missal, candles, lectionary, hosts, wine, corporal, purificatory, and chalice. I counted the number of residents and started to count hosts.

“Wait, where’s the paten!?” I dug through the kit and found its pouch, but the paten was nowhere to be found.

One of the resident’s has a famous saying: “We do the best we can.”

Well, Lord, today I did the best I could: I grabbed the clear Tupperware container that contained the hosts and removed the blue lid. “You’re not precious metal, but you’ll have to do!”

I counted out 35 hosts and began Mass.

After Mass was finished and I had brought communion to the residents who couldn’t attend, I returned to the altar and placed the makeshift paten on it.

There You were: body, blood, soul, and divinity–the Creator of the universe–the Word made Flesh.

On Tupperware.

Today, You showed me the great value of the Eucharist. In the great scheme of the universe, we don’t seem to be worth much more than Tupperware. In fact, we are probably made of many of the same basic elements. But You make us different. You give us value. You give us yourself in the form of bread and wine and transform us into something great.

As I looked at the two consecrated hosts lying in the blue Tupperware lid, I smiled and saw Your point. Because You were there, this was

the most valuable tupperware in the universe.