The Cowboy’s Halo

by Fr. Jeff

For days, it was all he could think of or talk about. His mom told me that when he woke up, the first words out of his mouth were, “Mom, can I get it today?!” It consumed his every thought.

It all started when he set his eyes on it for the first time. There on the shelf, it aroused his imagination with stories of adventure, drama, and triumph. The heroes from his stories, comic books, and movies all had one. He needed one, too.

Today at his 4th birthday party, he was excited as he opened each present. But when he opened that last gift, he beamed. He took it out of the bag and placed it on his head.

Finally, at long last, he was a real cowboy. Before, he had everything but the hat: boots, jeans, and a buckle. But what’s a cowboy without his hat? Now, he had it all.

I watched him with a smile.

Then, You inspired me. The cowboy hat was just an image for something else entirely. Something much deeper; something much more desirable; something we should all want with the same enthusiasm. Don’t desire just any hat, don’t desire just a cowboy hat, desire the saint’s hat:

the halo.