The best is yet to come

by Fr. Jeff

Mass was over, and I was sitting in the pew praying the Office. As they approached me, I could tell they were excited.

“Father, would you give us a blessing? Today is our 50th wedding anniversary!”

We proceeded to the sanctuary, where I gave them the blessing for this wonderful celebration.

Afterwards, I asked them to tell me about their years together.

“Well, we learned one important fact: never go to bed angry at each other. We only did that one time, and we spent the entire next day apologizing to each other.”

“But when I think about our love,” she said with a slight twinkle in her eye and a deep smile, “I realize that we only thought we knew what love was when we got married. I really thought I was in love then, but we have only begun to understand what love is 50 years later.”

I’ve been praying with her words throughout the day, and You are at work.

I think I know what priestly love is right now and the joy that it brings. But You are showing me that

the best is yet to come.