Tastes like heaven

by Fr. Jeff

I visited the 2nd grade religious-ed classroom today to answer their questions about heaven.

“Who are the saints?”

People in heaven!

Great! Can you name any saints?



Michael Jackson!

The teacher and I chuckled. “Hmm…I think we need to work on that!”

Another hand shot up:

Is there food in heaven?

“What do you think?” I asked them.

Of course! I bet God loves pizza!

Somehow I don’t think that’s what You meant in John 6:35.

However, they did understand the importance of their first Eucharist coming up in a few months. They all had the same question:

What’s it taste like?

I paused for a moment to think. “It tastes just like bread or wine,” I started to say. But I realized there was a much more important lesson. It really

tastes like heaven.