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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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We are never boring

He was telling us about his¬†experience of prayer at Faith Camp. As an 8th grader, it was his second time to attend the weeklong program and he enjoyed it much more this summer than last. “Everyone was there praying together. And it wasn’t boring prayer!” I know that he didn’t intend his comment to be […]

Show me joy

Our youth group traveled to New Orleans today to join other youth from across the nation for Alive in You. The theme for this year is Eucharist: Source and Summit. In our small group session, we were sharing what we hoped God would show us in the Eucharist this week. Someone summed it up well: […]

Transformed in You

I spent the weekend with the parish youth groups on retreat. The high school youth wanted to share their faith with the younger ones. Organized and staffed by them, it was beautiful to watch everyone together. The parents helped with logistics, some of our college youth returned to facilitate, and the high schoolers did all […]

One at a time

Standing in front of the room, she was changing the girls’ lives. Her talk was on the beauty of God’s creation, the beauty of being a woman. Somewhere in the middle, she spoke about biblical numerology: three, the number for eternity; four, the number for creation; seven, the perfect number. The Samaritan woman at the […]

Two Fires

I’ve always loved fire. Whether it’s in a fireplace in the winter time, in a fire pit on the back porch, or a bonfire in a field, fire has a way of bringing people together. Perhaps that’s why I love it. Today, our youth group took a caroling hayride through town. We stopped at a […]