A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Fr. Jeff! I know what I want to be when I grow up! The first graders in our religious education program were really excited I stopped by their classroom. They were learning about Jesus’ Resurrection at Easter. I pointed to him and asked him what it was he wants to be: Excitedly, he explained that […]


Fr. Jeff, how many years have you been a priest? The 6th grade boys were enjoying the St. Joseph Day altar at our school.¬†One of them jumped up and taught me the secret priest handshake. “Almost three,” I replied. “Well, if you are a super-priest now, does that make you an ultimate-super-priest after three years?” […]

Bear fruit in eternal life

Today is day one of the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors. In the opening remarks, Msgr. Panke reminded the priests present that the work of vocations affects the Iives of thousands. In each Mass, in each baptism, in each anointing, in each moment of priestly ministry, the work of the vocations personnel plays a […]


Things happen that reveal that I’ve reached that elusive stage in life called “adulthood.” I’m not sure when that landmark was achieved, but I know it must be true after today: I was invited to the local public school’s 6th grade career day. The kids had tons of questions about my life as a priest. […]