A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

Tag: Sacrifice

Make a difference through service

My pace on the way out was much slower. I had rushed down the long hallway coming into the hospital but now I was taking my time. I focused on each step. I looked at each poster on the wall. I stopped to read one of them: Making a difference through service. My mind replayed […]

Color of love

There seems to be red everywhere. A quick look at some social media today might reveal a number of photographs and avatars in red as people express their hopes that the Supreme Court might redefine marriage. After seeing these pictures this morning, I walked over to the church to pray as I do most mornings. […]

Sacrificial hosts

It’s a routine part of the liturgy for the priest. During the Agnus Dei, we divide the consecrated hosts into the different patens before communion. As I picked up the hosts, my mind and my heart turned to the people in the pews. “When is God able to do the greatest works of our lives?” […]


Having just returned from the recent youth event, I was tired. As I began evening Mass, I relied on the liturgy and Your grace to celebrate the sacred mysteries. At the consecration, my mind was turned to those most precious words: This is my body, given up for You. During Communion, I felt the close link: “The […]

Graced Infamy

Today is December 7, 2011, the anniversary of “a date which will live in infamy.” It’s been seventy years the attack on Pearl Harbor. Like many people my age, I often found it difficult to personally connect to this event from the past. As a student of history, I know that it was not so […]