A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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What Our Lord Saw from the Cross

Fr. Jeff, you like to look around while you are on the altar. The little boy is right. Our sanctuary is surrounded by pews on three sides. Part of my routine is to look at the entire church gathered during the Introductory Rites. As I see different people, I formulate prayer intentions for each of […]

Serve, wash, and feed

I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do. –John 13:15 As the pastor knelt before the men to wash their feet, the expressions on each man changed. Removing their shoes and socks was humbling. We rarely show our feet to another. He knelt […]

The Priestie Boys

I had just walked into the sacristy. One of our altar servers was putting on his alb as I walked passed him. “Fr. Jeff!!” he said. “You need to start a band with some priests.” “Yeah?” I wasn’t prepared for what came next: Yes!! You have to call it: The Priestie Boys


Fr. Jeff, how many years have you been a priest? The 6th grade boys were enjoying the St. Joseph Day altar at our school. One of them jumped up and taught me the secret priest handshake. “Almost three,” I replied. “Well, if you are a super-priest now, does that make you an ultimate-super-priest after three years?” […]

Deliver fuel for the journey

The text was short: I need some help. A priest-friend was in town and staying in the rectory. He was in his truck headed to a retreat. I called him to find out what happened: Remember how I said I was low on gas earlier? I borrowed a can and brought him a few gallons. […]

Heaven is better

In priestly life, You let me have a taste of the greatness of Your love. Then You tell me to share it with them. My heart overflows with noble words. To the King I must speak the song I have made. -Psalm 45:2 But when I think I’ve reached the apex, You are quick to remind me that […]

Spiritual chauffeur

Father, my driver’s license says I’m not supposed to drive after dark. She had waited to talk to me after Mass. I looked outside and saw that it was already dark. “I’ll be fine,” she said. “No!” I insisted: “I won’t let you drive at night. Why don’t I drive you?” She was genuinely shocked […]

Priestly job description

I spent much of the afternoon in the hospital in Lake Charles visiting my Godson. While there, I took the opportunity to visit a priest who has been in the hospital. Throughout my life Msgr. Bourque has always been a good priestly influence. He always encouraged me to pursue my vocation and to dedicate my […]

Great temptation. Great grace

I’ve always believed that each moment of temptation provides a great opportunity for grace. There was no scheduled Mass on my calendar today. After a busy afternoon and evening, my body wanted to call it quits sans Mass. I guess part of our struggle is that we forget how Your people want to have someone pray for […]

Bear fruit in eternal life

Today is day one of the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors. In the opening remarks, Msgr. Panke reminded the priests present that the work of vocations affects the Iives of thousands. In each Mass, in each baptism, in each anointing, in each moment of priestly ministry, the work of the vocations personnel plays a […]