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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Yeah, you right!

My truck was parked in a friend’s gravel driveway. He told me about the staggering number of catfish they had caught over the last few weeks. “They want me to go with them tomorrow morning, but I can’t. I told them I have my holy hour in the morning,” he said proudly. I listened attentively¬†as […]

I know you

As she got out of her car in front of the church, she tried to fight back the tears. I met her behind the hearse to bring her comfort at the death of her husband. Father, thank you for being here. I know you don’t know who we are, but it means so much for […]

Smart hen who fed the others

See that hen right there? She’s really smart. She flies up to the bird feeder and knocks it so that the seeds spill out for the other ducks. I was sitting on a back patio with a parishioner I had gone to visit. The house overlooks a small lake, and we were watching the mallards […]

Let’s go pray

She was screaming because we wouldn’t let her drink from her cup without a lid on it. Everyone in the pizzeria looked at our table. Her mom and dad tried to calm her down and teach her that we didn’t want her to spill. She wouldn’t hear of it. Two-year-olds often know exactly what they […]

Make a difference through service

My pace on the way out was much slower. I had rushed down the long hallway coming into the hospital but now I was taking my time. I focused on each step. I looked at each poster on the wall. I stopped to read one of them: Making a difference through service. My mind replayed […]

Unlimited grace

I was in Camelot Brookside visiting their newest resident. She is a woman whose life has had a major impact on our church parish, and she recently suffered a mild stroke. In her new home, we’re hoping she gains the strength to return to her normal routine. As I was rounding the corner to her […]

God Bless Planned Parenthood

Tonight, our youth gathered with their families to contribute to one million rosaries for life. It’s powerful to see the young beseech God’s blessing to aid in the immense task of changing hearts. As I prayed with them, my thoughts turned to a recent request from our president. On April 26th he spoke at a […]

Color of love

There seems to be red everywhere. A quick look at some social media today might reveal a number of photographs and avatars in red as people express their hopes that the Supreme Court might redefine marriage. After seeing these pictures this morning, I walked over to the church to pray as I do most mornings. […]

Homily for Third Sunday of Advent

Our arms are empty, but Christ will fill them. Third Sunday of Advent, 2013

What to say?

I was in our school’s library when I heard the news. We had kids the same age reading stories about Clifford the Big Red Dog. Violence is awful in all of its forms, but it’s particularly heinous against innocent children of only a few years old. The librarian leaned against the wall, “What do you […]