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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Bear fruit in eternal life

Today is day one of the National Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors. In the opening remarks, Msgr. Panke reminded the priests present that the work of vocations affects the Iives of thousands. In each Mass, in each baptism, in each anointing, in each moment of priestly ministry, the work of the vocations personnel plays a […]

We love to hunt

“Guys, what are we doing out here?” The rain was coming down hard. The waterproof camouflage jackets weren’t doing their job–we were soaked to the bone. The mosquitos were determined to bleed us to death, and the sun wasn’t even out yet. “Man, we sure do love ducks!” One of the guys was reminding us […]

Blank page days

“Fr. Jeff, why haven’t you been writing?” The question has arisen many times lately because the frequency of my posts has dropped. I admit that sometimes it is due to my own reluctance. Reflecting on the events of these last few months and the blank pages that fill those days, however, You have helped me to […]

Delightfully unexpected

Priesthood: expect the unexpected. I think about that saying quite a bit. Today, it’s perfect. Sitting at my desk, I was working furiously on the tasks that need to be completed before I leave this weekend for Washington D.C. with the 8th graders from our school. A knock came at my door: “There’s a woman […]

Flat tire

I could see the flashing blue lights in the distance. I pulled up to the intersection. Red light. When I came to a stop, I saw the police car. He was facing my direction from across the intersection, parked about 50 yards away in the turning lane. I looked around, but there didn’t seem to be […]

Traffic jam into heaven

People around town were frustrated all day. There was a traffic accident early this morning on I-10, and the interstate was shut down all day long. Traffic backed up for miles. Since Jennings is located off the interstate and near highway 90, much of the traffic was rerouted through town. It made getting anywhere really […]

See everything

“We see everything,” he said somberly. He had just finished telling us the story of the saddest funeral he ever celebrated. We were gathered in the bishop’s living room before our monthly meal with him. Each time we visit, he takes the opportunity to share with us at least one story from his priestly life. […]