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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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What Our Lord Saw from the Cross

Fr. Jeff, you like to look around while you are on the altar. The little boy is right. Our sanctuary is surrounded by pews on three sides. Part of my routine is to look at the entire church gathered during the Introductory Rites. As I see different people, I formulate prayer intentions for each of […]

More pride than Gaston

I snuck in the back of our cafeteria in time to catch the end of the first song in their performance. The St. Louis Drama Club was performing a number of songs from different Disney movies. To one he gave five talents; to another, two; to a third, one—to each according to his ability. –Matthew […]

Great stories

Great story, father! I was in the refectory of the seminary after celebrating Mass for the seminarians. I had shared with them his story of conversion and how the power of grace is amazing to watch as a priest. Looking out at all of them, it was my prayer intention for Mass. Through Your work, I want […]

Big birthday

For ya’lls birthday, what if we go to the park? You can bring the boat you’ve been working on, and we can sit at a picnic table while the kids play. It was my sister’s idea for a birthday party for myself and her husband to celebrate our “big birthday.” At the park the weather […]

I have called You, friend

I usually try to guess the caller when my phone rings. Tonight, I expected it to be one of my sisters. I was wrong. The name and the picture delighted me! It was a call from a close friend I hadn’t spoken to in a long while. I was just calling to say hello. I realized […]

Run for help

Today I helped the priests at another Catholic elementary school hear confessions. I could see them praying in the pew as they examined their consciences. Smiles were on their faces, and they were not afraid. But one detail in particular made me smile. They had trouble walking towards me. Instead, they ran to me when […]

Heaven is better

In priestly life, You let me have a taste of the greatness of Your love. Then You tell me to share it with them. My heart overflows with noble words. To the King I must speak the song I have made. -Psalm 45:2 But when I think I’ve reached the apex, You are quick to remind me that […]

Priestly job description

I spent much of the afternoon in the hospital in Lake Charles visiting my Godson. While there, I took the opportunity to visit a priest who has been in the hospital. Throughout my life Msgr. Bourque has always been a good priestly influence. He always encouraged me to pursue my vocation and to dedicate my […]

Triumph of the Cross

I opened the Ordo in the sacristy this morning and smiled to see that today is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. And then he came to mind. “One year already!” I said. A little over a year ago, I was walking past the dining room table in the rectory when a yellow […]

Faith: Confirmed

The room felt unusually alive. Most of the time, the men are nearly asleep in their wheelchairs. They participate the best they can, but their infirmities are a struggle. Today was different. Looking out from the altar, I was pleased to see some family members present and dressed for the occasion. They wore their Sunday-best […]