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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Their hearts’ desire

I became attached to the Liturgy of the Hours while I was in high school. My dad had introduced me to the “prayer of the Church” when I was quite young, and I was always inspired by its beauty. Tonight, while I was praying vespers, I found myself focusing on two lines: May he give […]

Want it for you. Want it for others. Make it happen.

“You can’t have your dessert until Claire finishes her supper.” Ella gave her mom a quick look.┬áHer face said everything. She found the nearest barstool, dragged it next to Claire’s high chair, hoisted herself up, and stared directly at Claire. She watched her eat, one bite at a time. At one point, she even picked […]

Like Them

“That’s a really neat case!” I had set the mass kit on the ground to take out the Missal and Lectionary. It’s rather large and bulky, but it has exceptional character. Made of brown wood and leather with large brass rivets, I feel like a salesman every time I pick it up. After my first […]