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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Make a difference through service

My pace on the way out was much slower. I had rushed down the long hallway coming into the hospital but now I was taking my time. I focused on each step. I looked at each poster on the wall. I stopped to read one of them: Making a difference through service. My mind replayed […]

Faith: Confirmed

The room felt unusually alive. Most of the time, the men are nearly asleep in their wheelchairs. They participate the best they can, but their infirmities are a struggle. Today was different. Looking out from the altar, I was pleased to see some family members present and dressed for the occasion. They wore their Sunday-best […]

I’m a proud Father

“You must be so proud!” Indeed, I am. Tonight, we celebrated the sacrament of confirmation in our parish. It brought me a great sense of joy since I was the confirmation catechist for our parish. Each Wednesday, we spent 90 minutes discussing the beauty of the world and our faith. As the bishop anointed each […]

Pray longer

“Fr. Jeff, why are you walking so slow?” Entering the school to teach confirmation, a teacher met me at the gate. I was sauntering. My mind had been on my students. It had been a long day for me: leading a morning of reflection in Lake Arthur, compiling lecture notes for my course on anthropology, […]

Confirmation in Confirmation

“That is the picture of a happy man.” As Fr. Barron spoke, the camera was focused on You. There, on the Cross, devoid of wealth, pleasure, power, and honor, you radiated to the world the image of happiness. The juniors in my Confirmation class weren’t so happy. The lights were off in the classroom so […]