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"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Erasing the white board

I walked out of the sacristy vested with an alb and purple stole. When I looked at the back of the church, I expected there to be a few people who came for our Lenten penance night. Over 10 pews worth was more than few! Grace was given penitent after penitent: I absolve you of […]

Lifts my spirit

Father, that’s the last one. Our campus minister had come into the makeshift confessional to let me know that we were finished. We took down the signs and picked up the chairs. With the help of more than a dozen priests over two days, the entire high school had a chance to experience Your mercy. Walking into […]

Run for help

Today I helped the priests at another Catholic elementary school hear confessions. I could see them praying in the pew as they examined their consciences. Smiles were on their faces, and they were not afraid. But one detail in particular made me smile. They had trouble walking towards me. Instead, they ran to me when […]

So worth it

We were sitting in her living room. Having received absolution and Your Body, we were talking about her bad back. When my suffering gets too bad, I think of His suffering. It reminds me that what I go through is nothing compared to what He did. But the resurrection reminds me that the goodness of heaven will […]

Spiritual chauffeur

Father, my driver’s license says I’m not supposed to drive after dark. She had waited to talk to me after Mass. I looked outside and saw that it was already dark. “I’ll be fine,” she said. “No!” I insisted: “I won’t let you drive at night. Why don’t I drive you?” She was genuinely shocked […]

Spiritual bumpers

I had to swerve around it as I pulled into the parking lot. It’s what they were talking about when I sat down in the barber’s chair. “Did you see the bumpers outside? Nasty wreck in front of the shop yesterday.” It made me think about driving a car around with no bumper. There isn’t […]

Transfiguration of Sin

As I walked out the gate, I found myself uttering a simple prayer: Send me Your people in Confession so that You can transfigure their sins. I was headed to the church for Mass and I had been reflecting on the beauty of the Transfiguration. I stopped in the last pew for a while before I headed […]

Sound of Lent

The school was gathered in the oratory for first Friday adoration. As I began exposition, all of the students kneeled in reverence. For 15 minutes we were completely silent, but our hearts were focused on You. When I moved towards the altar for benediction, I heard the sound again. Everyone knelt to receive Your blessing. I […]

Through Your Eyes

The two red LED lights just continuously blink. I’ve checked the owner’s manual and several sources on the internet, and it appears that my Slingbox is finally dead. It’s a device that certainly served me well over the years. Today, I discovered it was broken while I was trying to set it up in my room so […]

One at a time

Standing in front of the room, she was changing the girls’ lives. Her talk was on the beauty of God’s creation, the beauty of being a woman. Somewhere in the middle, she spoke about biblical numerology: three, the number for eternity; four, the number for creation; seven, the perfect number. The Samaritan woman at the […]