A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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Flat tire

I could see the flashing blue lights in the distance. I pulled up to the intersection. Red light. When I came to a stop, I saw the police car. He was facing my direction from across the intersection, parked about 50 yards away in the turning lane. I looked around, but there didn’t seem to be […]

Their hearts’ desire

I became attached to the Liturgy of the Hours while I was in high school. My dad had introduced me to the “prayer of the Church” when I was quite young, and I was always inspired by its beauty. Tonight, while I was praying vespers, I found myself focusing on two lines: May he give […]

My Lenten cure

As I made the sign of the cross on her mother’s forehead, I saw her arm go straight for the bowl. At around two years old, she wanted to feel the ash between her fingers. The black powder was too much to resist. Luckily, my priest-like reflexes saved us from a potential disaster. I’ve said […]

Psalm 27

“Father Starkovich, you were ordained into an interesting time.” The pastor has told me this nearly everyday since my ordination. These days are interesting, to say the least. The Church is front and center embroiled in what is turning out to be a fierce debate. I don’t know where it’s going, and I don’t know […]

Vocation: Found

The celebration of the sacraments is always a joy, especially for a new priest. This evening, I found a greater-than-usual amount of it in the celebration of marriage. I had the joy of preaching at a close friend’s wedding. It was a chance to share the riches of friendship and to reflect on the many […]


“What’s that sound?” I open my eyes to a dark room. Oh yes, I forgot I changed the text alert on my phone so that it would wake me. 1 new message: “He is gone.” – 6:17am. Slide to unlock. “I’m on my way.” Send. For several hours last night, we sat with him. Prayer […]

One Day

There are certain days that summarize the entirety of the priestly life. Today was one of them. The alarm rang at 7am. My day began with Confessions that helped to heal the wounds of sin and despair. Then there were two Sunday Masses proclaiming the joy of Christ’s coming. Mass was followed by a meeting […]

A Face

I always love when a day brings an unexpected surprise. I find that in priesthood, it’s Your way of breaking up my routine and showing me that You are still ultimately creative. Perhaps there’s an unwritten motto that all priests live by, Expect the unexpected. You threw me one of those unexpected surprises today. I […]