A Priest Life

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing." -St. Paul

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What Our Lord Saw from the Tomb

It must have been quite dark.The sun wasn’t over head yet, and the opening was still barred. Darkness: It probably doesn’t realize it yet, but the light has¬†already conquered. Standing in the church two thousand years later, I had to fight a few tears next to the baptismal font. The paschal candle provided the light, […]

Waters of life

Tying the weights to the duck decoys was getting tedious. We had tied about 3 dozen and had another dozen to go. Standing near the barn, we were talking about how dry the ponds had been. Without water, there would be no ducks. The farmer started to walk away towards the pumps to begin flooding […]

A lightsaber of grace

“I thought that was a lightsaber!” she said. We all burst out laughing. I was at their new house for a blessing and I had just picked up my aspergillum to sprinkle holy water. Maybe she’s on to something: a priest’s life is focused on the force of God’s grace. We commune with You so […]

Smell Like a Priest

“You smell like a priest!” she exclaimed. What?!? Have I just been insulted? I stopped to think about it. Two Masses this morning. Nothing unusual ther…wait, we had incense for the Epiphany. Maybe she’s on to something. Baptized my nephew at noon and smeared sacred chrism on the crown of his head. *sniff* Yup, I smell […]