Sound of Lent

by Fr. Jeff

The school was gathered in the oratory for first Friday adoration. As I began exposition, all of the students kneeled in reverence.

For 15 minutes we were completely silent, but our hearts were focused on You.

When I moved towards the altar for benediction, I heard the sound again. Everyone knelt to receive Your blessing.

I didn’t think much of it at the time.

A little before noon, I stepped into the church to hear confessions before Mass began. When I opened the doors, You greeted me again. There on the altar, You were present for the church to adore. Sitting in the empty confessional, I was reflecting on the silence.

Tucked away in the confessional, I’m not able to see much, but I can hear the sounds of the church. It was quiet for a while.

When the pastor moved towards the altar, I heard the sound again. Everyone knelt to receive Your blessing. This time, I did notice – it was the same sound I heard at the school. It was the sound of kneeling, of prayer, of thanksgiving. At that moment, I took the opportunity to thank You for the

sound of Lent.