Smart hen who fed the others

by Fr. Jeff

See that hen right there? She’s really smart. She flies up to the bird feeder and knocks it so that the seeds spill out for the other ducks.

I was sitting on a back patio with a parishioner I had gone to visit. The house overlooks a small lake, and we were watching the mallards in her yard.

Sometimes I wonder why He hasn’t taken me yet. But, I know He has a plan and I know I’m still here for a reason.

It’s a sentiment the elderly feel often. I was there to listen and bring her the grace of anointing.

We talked about her past and how she raised her children. She told me the story of her husband and their 54+ years of marriage.

I don’t feel like I can do much anymore. But really, I just want to love God however He wants me to. I offer all of my pains up, and I know I’m here to pray for my family, my children, and the world. And I know prayer works.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw flashing wings. When I looked over, the mallard hen crashed into the feeder. Bird seed scattered on the ground, and the other ducks ran over to eat.

And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path… –Luke 8:5

I had gone to minister to her. But as You always do, You shared something with me. She taught me about prayer, perseverance, and trust. Today, I thank You for the

smart hen who fed the others.