Sin Waxing

by Fr. Jeff

As I started my truck in the carport, it began. Drop by drop, it fell.

“Darn. I just washed it!”

It wasn’t just a washing: wash, polish, clay bar, then wax. From 10 to 5, I worked to fix a growing oxidation problem before it damaged the paint.

It sure was reflective.

Now, rain was falling on my new shine.

When I finally parked at the school for confirmation, I looked down at the hood. The difference was clear. Instead of the water simply laying flat, it beaded up.

The polish and wax was repelling the rain.

Perhaps that’s how grace operates. The shine on the soul gets a little hazy and suffers from growing oxidation. But with the right tools and a bit of time, grace polishes the haze away until it shines. Then, when the spiritual rains begin to fall, they are repelled. They might still hang around for a while, but the extra coating works to push it away.

Thank You for the grace that prevents

sin waxing.