She waved back

by Fr. Jeff

It’s great to visit family. In between my activities today, I had a chance to sit in my sister’s recliner and watch part of the Catholicism Project. My two-year-old niece was sitting on the footrest of the recliner; I was distracted by my iPad.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her laser-like focus on the TV. I was intrigued. After all, two-year-olds don’t normally focus that intently on a television program for more than a few moments.

When I looked up to see what caught her attention, it caught mine. Fr. Barron was at an orphanage in Africa. The scene showed children playing soccer, chasing each other, laughing, and doing a myriad of other activities.

Watching the segment, I was reminded of something my professor of moral theology taught us:

We are all connected through grace. If we each said a prayer when we saw people in need on television, who knows the grace that would enter the world or how God could use those prayers. When you see them, pray.

My niece understood. She understood that she was watching real people. She understood that her actions affected them. She understood that we are connected.

When the children waved to the camera,

she waved back.