Share the light

by Fr. Jeff

Kneeling in silence, we were focused on You. There was a slight breeze. All was silent.

There, on the altar, You were exposed. Shrouded in mystery, You spoke to our hearts. You spoke to the three-thousand restless hearts gathered for Abbey Youth Festival.

Each of us had been given a candle:

You are the light of the world. –Matthew 5:14

As we prayed, a light breeze picked up. I found myself protecting my flame from the danger of being blown out. Looking around, I saw everyone do the same.

That’s the danger of being in the world. Our focus on You can be as fragile as the flame on a candle. Our restless hearts move with the world, and the slightest disturbance can cause it to go out.

That’s just what happened.

Kneeling on my right, the wind had extinguished her light. But no worry. She held out her hand. I extended my candle and shared with her my own flame. After all, that’s what priests do:

share the light.