by Fr. Jeff

Things happen that reveal that I’ve reached that elusive stage in life called “adulthood.” I’m not sure when that landmark was achieved, but I know it must be true after today:

I was invited to the local public school’s 6th grade career day.

The kids had tons of questions about my life as a priest. For some, it was their first encounter with a priest, and they were definitely intrigued. They asked questions about how I spend my day, how long I was in school, and about my time in Europe.

“Fr. Jeff, how much money do you make a year?”

The teacher and I laughed. I explained that I’m not in it for the money, but for the eternal joy that I experience in doing God’s will. Someone chimed in:

They pay isn’t that great, but the benefits are out of this world!

After class was over, three of the boys came up to me: “Life is a priest sounds really cool! You make me want to be a priest!”