One Day

by Fr. Jeff

There are certain days that summarize the entirety of the priestly life. Today was one of them.

The alarm rang at 7am. My day began with Confessions that helped to heal the wounds of sin and despair. Then there were two Sunday Masses proclaiming the joy of Christ’s coming. Mass was followed by a meeting to prepare a couple to baptize their first child, ensuring them of the great joy they will celebrate in a few days. We enjoyed lunch with friends, and I found a short break to watch the final quarter of the Saints. After a 20 minute breather, it was off to a planning meeting for a mission trip with our youth to Guatemala that hopes to spread the Good News of God’s love. The meeting was followed by a hayride with the youth to bring some Christmas joy to the veteran’s home and some of the other people of our parish. Then, I was called to bring communion to the sick. And with my arrival at his home, I discovered that You were calling him to yourself. What followed was an evening spent in vigil and prayer: Anointing, Viaticum, the Apostolic Pardon, the Commendation, and a rosary.

It’s days like this that remind me of the beauty of this life. We are there from birth to death and every moment in between.

It’s 11:59pm. The day only needs one more event to conclude: prayer.

Off I go to be with You…