One at a time

by Fr. Jeff

Standing in front of the room, she was changing the girls’ lives. Her talk was on the beauty of God’s creation, the beauty of being a woman.

Somewhere in the middle, she spoke about biblical numerology: three, the number for eternity; four, the number for creation; seven, the perfect number. The Samaritan woman at the well had five husbands, and the one she was with now (number six) was not her husband. Christ was the seventh man in her life–perfection.

Numbers. Watching the several hundred youth gathered for our diocesan youth conference, it’s easy to just see a crowd. In fact, it’s always a temptation. Anytime we see large groups, we see a crowd; whether it’s ten, one hundred, one thousand, or one hundred thousand, the temptation is to see numbers.

Tonight, sitting in the confessional, You challenged me to see another number, the number You see:


It was only about the person sitting in front of me. Time was of no importance. Neither was the crowd. Perhaps that’s why I love this sacrament so much: You focus on them,

one at a time.