Mom’s Grandchildren

by Fr. Jeff

“Doesn’t it bother you that Jeff will never give you any grandchildren?” I overheard the question one day. Mom replied swiftly, “What do you mean? As a Father, he gives me more than just a few grandchildren; I become the spiritual grandmother to thousands.”

As the fourth week of Advent begins, I return to these words. I just celebrated the six-month anniversary of my priestly ordination. It hasn’t been very long, but judging from the Christmas cards that decorate the house and the messages I received all day, I know it’s coming true:

“Fr. Jeff. Lunch is at my house. Come eat.”
“Middle school youth group is playing bingo.”
“High school youth are having a movie night in the center.”
“Red beans and rice for supper. You’re always invited.”
“The game is on over here.”
“You don’t have to knock. Just come on in.”
“Christmas Eve at our house. Be here.”

I wanted to be everywhere at once. In just a few months, my family has grown considerably.

And so has the number of Mom’s grandchildren.