Midday Reminder

by Fr. Jeff

It was one of those days. I had my plan: wake up early, exercise, say Mass, catch up in the office, one appointment, and spend almost the entire day preparing lecture notes for my class on anthropology with the diaconate inquirers.

What happened?

Seemingly everything. When my alarm went off, I struggled to get out of bed. The 2 mile exercise was ok; Mass was a great encounter. But once I stepped into the office, the phone never stopped ringing. Just when I’d settle in at my desk to work, there would be a knock on the door. Then there was a trip to the hospital and a few unexpected visitors.

I sat at my desk and opened my books.

Then the office got quiet. And dark. I checked the time. Noon. “Where’d the day go?”

“Am I actually going to be prepared for Saturday?”

I leaned back in my chair with a deep sigh. “I just need to pray.”

I began Daytime Prayer.

Antiphon 1: They are happy who live by the law of God.

They are happy who do his will, seeking him with all their hearts.

-Psalm 119

Thanks for the reminder. I had been frustrated all morning.  I had simply been focused on what I thought needed to be done. Throughout the morning, You called me to minister in other ways that weren’t planned. They weren’t on my calendar. They were far more important than my lecture notes.

The Psalmist is right. It’s not about me. It’s not about what I want or think I need to do.

Fiat Voluntas Tua

Happiness in life, especially for the priest, is about Your will. Thanks for the

midday reminder.