Marathon of grace

by Fr. Jeff

It has become so much a part of our generation’s growing up process…I was 12 on 9/11…and there hasn’t been a significant lull since. I think terrorism has shaped us more than we realize.

I received that text from a close friend of mine as we were discussing the tragedy in Boston. We look back and see a remarkable difference on the world before and after September 11, 2001. Acts such as these were not unknown before but they had never defined an American generation.

My heart aches tonight for those affected by Boston.

I’ll never fully grasp how much fear has shaped my generation. It’s like I’m growing up in a marathon of fear and violence and terror. But through this race, You bring my solace:

Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through justification for eternal life. –Romans 5:20-21

If fear has shaped the world, how much more has Your grace? At times such as these we ask where You were. Perhaps the answer lies in a different question:

How much worse would it be if You were not here?

Tonight, my heart aches. We need You today just as much as yesterday. Please, don’t end Your

marathon of grace.