Like Them

by Fr. Jeff

“That’s a really neat case!” I had set the mass kit on the ground to take out the Missal and Lectionary. It’s rather large and bulky, but it has exceptional character. Made of brown wood and leather with large brass rivets, I feel like a salesman every time I pick it up.

After my first experience, my excitement was growing again. Soon, I would make my way through the razor wire and ominous gates to be with the men. But for now, I was standing in the offices. As she admired the case, she told me about her love for her new Roman Daily Missal. It gives her the chance to reflect on the Word while she works.

Mass was a joy. The men know how to pray. They hang on every word for the homily. After it was over, three of them stopped me,

Father, do you know where we can get a Catechism? There is so much we don’t know, but there is so much we want to understand.

As a priest, my satisfaction couldn’t have been higher. From the officers to the offenders, they desired the Word. They want to know, they long to pray, they want to revel in the mystery.

If only we were all like them.