Lifts my spirit

by Fr. Jeff

Father, that’s the last one.

Our campus minister had come into the makeshift confessional to let me know that we were finished. We took down the signs and picked up the chairs.

With the help of more than a dozen priests over two days, the entire high school had a chance to experience Your mercy.

Walking into the commons, the students were happy.  One teacher had noticed:

It’s like we have to pull them down from the clouds before they float away.

Leaving the high school, I returned to the parish to lead the Way of the Cross with the middle school. With each station, we reflected on the climb to Calvary. Prayer, reverence, focus.

In the sacristy the server put down the processional cross and stretched his arms.

“The Cross is heavy,” he said.

“So are sins,” I thought to myself.

Help me to see that sin weighs me down, while Your mercy

lifts my spirit.