Just me, just you.

by Fr. Jeff

Yesterday, in our Confirmation class, we talked about the problem of evil. Sure, it’s one of the most foundational questions of human existence. “If God created everything, and God is supposed to be all good, why does evil exist?” Simple enough, I guess.

Since talking about it with the juniors, the question was on my mind all day. This morning, I had a funeral. Indeed, death is the greatest evil and its occurence pushes us to ask the question again.

Late this afternoon, You gave me reason to think about it again. Because the pastor had a full schedule, I volunteered to take over for our “first Friday” adoration (We expose the Blessed Sacrament for adoration on the Thursday evening before first Friday).

I grabbed my keys and headed for the church. I unlocked all the doors, turned on the lights, lit the candles, set the altar, and put out the monstrance. I checked the time, “Yup, ready to go!” I made my way into the Sanctuary, opened the Tabernacle doors, and followed the Rite of Exposition. When I finished, I turned around.


There was no one else in the church. “Hmm, that’s odd…” As I prayed in the pew, I enjoyed the silence. But as the hour passed, I was a little curious why no one else showed up. After all, we usually have 10 or so people who show up faithfully every month.

The church was still empty.

Deep in prayer, I heard the door open. Someone made their way into the church. She stopped, genuflected, and found her pew. Over the next 5 minutes, a number of people came into the church.


I checked the time: 5:55pm.

Light bulb: adoration starts at 6. I had exposed the Blessed Sacrament at 5.


Sitting in the pew, I found myself thinking about the problem of evil. I’ll admit, for a few moments, I was perturbed. Afterall, I had made a mistake.

“You mean I have to stay here for another hour?”

Ah, the problem of evil.

I continued to pray. Somewhere in the middle, You showed me the answer. You didn’t create evil; it’s the result of choice.

But, you’re God. You don’t let a few bad decisions keep us apart. Instead, you do what you do best: get creative. You figure out a way to use our decisions to do Your work. You find a way to work with the situation to accomplish Your will. You write straight with crooked lines.

At first, I felt perturbed that I exposed the Sacrament an hour early. Sure, I admit it: I goofed. But that’s when you get creative. You turned an hour long mistake into an hour long gift,

just me, just You.