I have called You, friend

by Fr. Jeff

I usually try to guess the caller when my phone rings.

Tonight, I expected it to be one of my sisters. I was wrong. The name and the picture delighted me! It was a call from a close friend I hadn’t spoken to in a long while.

I was just calling to say hello.

I realized that those aren’t words I hear often. Worse still, they aren’t words I say often enough, either. We talked for a little over fifteen minutes, and there was a smile on my face after we hung up.

My mind turned to You a few minutes later.

I have called you friends. –John 15:5

Reconnecting with a close friend caused me much joy. I understand just a little more how excited You are when we pray.

Today, I’m thankful for the reminder that any day isn’t complete unless

I have called You, friend.