Hungry for You

by Fr. Jeff

I couldn’t do anything but sit at my desk in silence. I reached for some papers that needed attention, but I set them down again. I turned to my computer and saw my inbox alerting me to five waiting messages, but they could wait. I picked up the lessons plans that needed to be completed, but I wasn’t in the mood.

All I could do was sit at my desk in silence.


Your words filled the empty cavern of my mind and heart.

I pushed my chair away from my desk and made my way to the church. As I knelt at the prie-dieu in front of the tabernacle, my stomach growled. It was 12:15.

I was hungry.

But eating was the last thing on my mind. Instead, Your words reverberated in that empty void:

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousnessfor they will be satisfied. –Matthew 5:6

The morning was normal: morning Mass, several mundane phone calls, a few appointments. But it was in a moment of spiritual direction that You grabbed me by the heart. As a priest, You grace me with an interior look at the hidden lives of Your people. You use me as a tool to draw closer to the hearts of Your people.

And I have the privilege to watch.

After our meeting, I found myself not being able to do or say anything. I believe it ranks as one of the clearest moments of priesthood that You have shared with me. I had witnessed a heart desire to be in perfect communion with You, and I watched as You took the opportunity to draw closer.

And the experience left me hungry:

I hungered for her to know You better.
I hungered for my parish to know You better.
I hungered to know You better.

As You told us on Sunday,

I am the bread of life. –John 6:48

That hunger tested the limits of my being. I knew it couldn’t be filled at my desk. You drew me to the church because it was the only place You could satisfy me.

It was lunchtime, and I was

hungry for You.