Graceful rebound

by Fr. Jeff

With .8 seconds left on the clock: free throw. Miss. Struggle. Rebound. Someone in a white jersey leaps about the players and tosses the ball backwards over his head. Shouting. Cheering. Buzzer. Silence. Stunned.

It was a heartbreaking loss for the boys in their quarterfinal game coming up just a point short, 49-48.

“Wow, what a great game! Did you see that rebound?! If only it would’ve went in.” everyone said afterwards.

There was obvious disappointment on the faces of the players and the fans. A great season came to an end sooner than the team wanted.

On my drive home, my memory relived the excitement and disappointment of the crowd. It’s easy for us to invest much into the game: laughter, cheers, shouts, and tears.

Compared to eternity, our life isn’t much longer than .8 seconds. The drama unfolds in an instant. But when I think about it, I take comfort knowing that You are not just watching from the stands. I cling to the hope that when my freedom misses the shot that counts, You provide a 

graceful rebound.