Golden Baskets

by Fr. Jeff

After I returned from the nursing home having celebrated Mass, I entered the church to return my vestments to the sacristy. I bumped into the pastor. In his hands were golden baskets.

“Hmm…I wonder what he is doing with those.” Passing by, I noticed that he was transferring next year’s calendars from their mundane cardboard boxes to golden wicker baskets. “What’s wrong with cardboard? Anyway, those baskets look too small for those calendars.” While I was in the sacristy, I heard the calendars crash to the floor.

“Yup, too small.”

After several minutes, I headed for the door. The baskets caught my eye.

Now, I understand.

Cardboard boxes are nothing special. However, not-special wasn’t good enough for the church. She deserved better; Your people deserve better. He replaced the cardboard with baskets. But when he placed the calendars in them, they crashed to the floor because the baskets were too small. “Not just any baskets will do.” He went back to the storage unit and found bigger baskets. “Aha. Perfect.”

What is more fit for the Church? A box or a basket?
Who is more fit for You? An ordinary woman or the Immaculate Conception?

Dear God, help me always to be open to You, that You may transform me from cardboard into a golden basket.