God Bless Planned Parenthood

by Fr. Jeff

Tonight, our youth gathered with their families to contribute to one million rosaries for life. It’s powerful to see the young beseech God’s blessing to aid in the immense task of changing hearts.

One Million Rosaries for Life

As I prayed with them, my thoughts turned to a recent request from our president. On April 26th he spoke at a Planned Parenthood conference. This came as no surprise to anyone. It was his closing line, however, that caused quite a stir:

Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.

In beseeching God’s blessing on the largest abortion provider in the United States, no little uproar ensued from the Christian faithful. But praying with our flock tonight, my thoughts are different.

To ask for a blessing from God is to request that God pour out his goodness. Coming from the Latin root benedicere, meaning to “speak well of” or “to commend,” to seek God’s blessing is to commend one to God for the sake of sharing in His goodness. It is a request for God to pour our his grace upon another so that they may be sanctified.

This is exactly what Planned Parenthood needs.

We are seeking to change hearts. We desire that hearts may grow and be purified so that all people affected by abortion may experience real love. And in order to grow in love we must have the support of Love Itself, who we call God.

By commending Planned Parenthood to You, we ask for Your blessing. May Your grace change hearts and save lives.

Tonight, I thank You for one million rosaries for life. I thank You for the unexpected inspiration given by our President. May we always work to grow in holiness.

I agree with you, Mr. President:

God bless Planned Parenthood.