Follow Your Lead

by Fr. Jeff

I never knew how much I loved to teach. Over these six months, I’ve been delighted to see this seed grow. I love to bring the Good News to all people. I love to expound the mysteries of God’s love. I love to inspire the imagination. I simply love to preach the Gospel.

It’s no coincidence. The Church recognizes this as the ministry of the priest:

Since no one can be saved who does not first believe, priests, as co-workers with their bishops, have the primary duty of proclaiming the Gospel of God to all. In this way they fulfill the command of the Lord: “Going therefore into the whole world preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15).

–Presbyterorum Ordinis, 4.

You showed me that today. It started with Mass at the school. I encouraged the students to follow St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: do God’s will, do it as he wants it, do it simply because its his will. It ended in a classroom with the confirmandi and covenant: You fulfilled your promises, even when we turned away.

After I collapsed into my chair this evening, I felt a sudden desire to reach for my guitar. Reading the notes and playing along, I heard the connection between music and the priesthood:

As your instrument, I simply listen and

follow your lead.