Family of Faith

by Fr. Jeff

Tonight, as I was waiting for the Rite of Dedication to begin, I thumbed through the program.

I was fascinated by the parish’s history. Sixty years ago, a small farming community began to gather as a small mission. Someone donated the land, and someone else donated the money. At last, they would have their own church.

The mission dedicated to St. Martin de Porres was always pretty small. Not anymore. It recently became a parish. After years of handwork and much time spent in prayer, they now have a brand new church.

The liturgy was beautiful, and the music was lively. Everyone was filled with such joy.

As I concelebrated, I prayed for the woman who had given the money to build the first church. For all of us gathered, it was the reason we were celebrating in the new church.

But for me in particular, the reason to celebrate was deeper: she is part of the reason I am here today. My great-great-grandmother didn’t just help build a church, she also helped build a family. There I was, her great-great-grandson, a priest, concelebrating the Rite of Dedication of the church she believed in.

Now I see a bit deeper into the mystery of a

family of faith.