Faith: Confirmed

by Fr. Jeff

The room felt unusually alive.

Most of the time, the men are nearly asleep in their wheelchairs. They participate the best they can, but their infirmities are a struggle.

Today was different.

Looking out from the altar, I was pleased to see some family members present and dressed for the occasion. They wore their Sunday-best on Wednesday.

My chasuble was bright red and my homily was on the great gift of the Holy Spirit that these two men were about the receive. They had searched for God all of their lives.

“You know, I promised my grandmother I would do this while she was still alive. Ever since then she’s been tugging on my toes,” one of the vets said.

As I began the rite, the room was electric. They were focused on what was happening. They shouted, “Amen!” to every prayer.

And then came that moment–it was my first time:

Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

The first one beamed; the second broke down into tears; both received the Holy Spirit.

It’s what priesthood is all about:

faith: confirmed.