Eternal Orientation

by Fr. Jeff

I spent much of the day writing. With Christmas only a few days away, I have passed quite a bit of time at my desk. Either with my keyboard or a pen, I’ve found my task lately to be of the written word. Thank-you notes, homilies, and articles–they are all worthy demands of time.

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Savior. Our celebration centers around new life. We focus on his birth.

But as the newspapers show, the holidays are also a time of great sadness for many families. Often, these days are filled with funerals. I have two funerals in the next two days that I am preparing for, and each demands a bit of writing.

I’m writing about birth; I’m writing about death. Maybe that is what You are trying to teach me: Christmas and funerals share a common perspective. We all are born; we all will die. It’s about the proper perspective. It isn’t completely about this life. Rather, it’s about our need for an

eternal orientation.