Dial correctly

by Fr. Jeff

It’s part of being a new pastor: fiddling with (and praying over) the A/C unit at 5am so I could fulfill my first promise to the parish (it did!), cleaning out the brochure display, picking up trash, and trying to deposit the collection.

Left three times, right two times, left again and finish on the number. The instructions were supposed to be simple: rotate the dial to the correct combination, turn the lever, and deposit the collection. Twenty minutes later I had tried every possible combination of steps. I gave up and dialed a gracious staff member. It turns out I wasn’t even using the correct combination.

I thought I had it all figured out standing at the safe late this evening. It turns out I didn’t have the correct combination. A quick call for help righted my wrong.

It’s the lesson You taught me today. If I want to keep safe the gifts entrusted to me, I need to always

dial correctly.