Delightfully unexpected

by Fr. Jeff

Priesthood: expect the unexpected.

I think about that saying quite a bit. Today, it’s perfect.

Sitting at my desk, I was working furiously on the tasks that need to be completed before I leave this weekend for Washington D.C. with the 8th graders from our school.

A knock came at my door: “There’s a woman here who would like to speak to you.”

Walking into the foyer, I greeted her with a smile. She had a few tears in her eyes, so we moved into my office.

“I just came to say thank you. I’ve felt so touched by the people here who have helped me and my family through our tough times that I just wanted to stop in and thank you for all that you all have done.”

Unexpected, yet delightful.

Back at my desk, I picked up where I left off.

Then my phone rang. “This isn’t a good time,” I murmured to myself as I brought it to my ear.


“Jeff? I’ve got a problem I need you to help me with. I’ve got two plates of food for lunch, but I can only eat one of them since I’m on a diet. Could you come help me take care of one?”

It was a pastor from one of the local Southern Baptist churches.

Since I’ve moved to Jennings, I have run into him on a number of occasions at some of the local cafes. I always enjoyed his company, so the prospect of lunch with him was delightful. And completely unexpected.

I met up with him just down the street. We shared stories from ministry, reflections on theology, and insights into the spiritual life. Finally, after two hours at the table, we realized that we both needed to get back to our duties.

Reflecting on Your gifts today, You only reinforced that motto for priesthood. I had my own plans. And they were boring.

But thanks to Your infinite creativity, today was

delightfully unexpected.