Confirmation in Confirmation

by Fr. Jeff

“That is the picture of a happy man.” As Fr. Barron spoke, the camera was focused on You. There, on the Cross, devoid of wealth, pleasure, power, and honor, you radiated to the world the image of happiness.

The juniors in my Confirmation class weren’t so happy. The lights were off in the classroom so that the projector wouldn’t be washed out. Tonight’s lesson was provided by episode two of the Catholicism Project: there, on the Cross, You showed us the path to happiness.

My last few days have been long: Mass, desk, lunch, desk, supper, desk, prayer, sleep. Rinse. Repeat. A schedule of happiness.

But it’s for an event I hold in high esteem: the retreat for the Class of 2012. It wasn’t long ago that I was one of the retreatants, and I still remember it vividly.

Pouring over books and working to build a powerful experience, often the question arose: am I doing what You want?

I was tired as I opened the classroom door for Confirmation tonight. Before class started, I asked the question again: am I on the right track?

As the episode played, I watched intently. I listened to Fr. Barron’s words; I soaked up the images.

Then I smiled.

The video was a summary of the entire retreat, down to the Scripture passages I had selected.

Tonight, I just want to thank You for the

confirmation in Confirmation.